About us

South Luangwa Responsible Community Project (slrcpzm.org) is a Zambian registered Non-Profit Organization with the sole aim of promoting responsible wildlife and natural resource conservation for economic benefit with strong community participation and empowerment for the benefit of biodiversity conservation.

South Luangwa Responsible Community Project (SLRCP) is a novel local non-profit organization initiative to raise Community Awareness through practical skills development and support to the community and conservation engagement across communities leaving within the jurisdiction of these Game management Areas (GMAs).

Of interest to this Project are GMAs in the Mambwe district of Zambia, which is located in Eastern Province. With a population of nearly 100, 000 Mambwe district is made up of six chiefdoms (namely Chiefs, Jumbe Kakumbi, Msoro, Malama, Makhanya and Nsefu). Communities residing in these chiefdoms have continuously endured risky and poverty-stricken lives, where crop harvest is often destroyed in a single night by elephants.

Their lives have been riddled with poverty at the expense of sustaining wildlife for posterity. This Project appreciates government, conservation and civil society organization trying to uplift the living standard of the people in the project area. SLRCP notices with great concerns the lack of alternative livelihoods being implemented that will compliment government efforts in conservation of the natural resources vice versa the welfare of humans in the project area. This project is here to fill in the gaps left by other conservation players to developing a well targeted community intervention that builds capacity on livelihoods and delivers benefits towards poverty stricken rural people sharing their lives with wild animals. Vision Envisioning a world in which conservation supports the people and the people supports conservation.
To partner with communities in order to protect nature for benefit of all, and empower locals living in these Game Management Areas with skills and its value addition.
What We Do?
Promoting Conservation of Wildlife and its habitat for economic benefits through strong community engagement and livelihood empowerment on income generating activities.

Using innovative strategies and collaborating closely with local communities, partner NGOs and government agencies. SLRCP seeks to protect and sustain Zambia’s wildlife, Game management Areas and it’s surrounding communities. SLRCP recognizes that sustainable conservation can only be achieved through a community based collaborative approach.

Meet The Team

jonna banda
project manager/founder
Vanessa Mbewe
Project Activity Manager
Moses Makumbi Jr
Marketing Manager
james Mwanza
Project Accountant
Eglina Mpanga
Climate Change Advocate
Presense Musenge
Assistant Admin/Marketing
Misheck mbewe
web developer/manager