Deforestation Awareness Program

Eglina Mpannga
Climate change Advocate

"Carbon dioxide traps heat, and forests(trees) trap Carbon dioxide through Photosynthesis, therefore the more trees are cut down the less Carbon dioxide is trapped. This causes a rise in tempereatures that lead to draughts, changes in rainfall patterns, and floods. The organization aims to help smallholder farmer to adapt to and minimize climate change."
Zambia is facing an erratic rainfall patterns today, which may lead to famine and poverty. Many community member do not see the crucial relationship between the forest and the rains. Unawares, the members cut down trees without self restraint. The tree logs which are mostly used as fuel for cooking leads to vast deforestation or land. Being aware of the devastating effects of deforestation, South Luangwa Responsible Community Project seeks to intervene by providing community awareness on the dangers of deforestation. Not only that, but also finding amicable solutions to cooking methods such as the promotion of fuel efficient braziers. Join our cause in our effort to save the current and the future generation.